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The Benefits of Regular Exercise

ExerciseBy now you have heard time and time again how exercise can benefit us. Experts have been telling us for years that we need to add exercise into our daily routine so that we are healthier individuals. With the right diet and exercise plan, along with the proper nutrients, vitamins, and rest we will add years to our lifespan and generally live a much better life.


It's never too late to start

If you have been inactive and rarely exercise then it is time for you to put that body to work. It will promote weight loss and toning of the muscles at the very least. At the most it helps you to avoid heart problems, Diabetes, and many other diseases associated with being overweight. Even if you add just a few days of exercise to start you are taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle.


start slow to get used to it

The exercise doesn’t have to rival that of a marathon runner. You can start with something simple that just raises your heart rate a little, just to get used to it at first.  Of course, the more you exercise the better off you will be, but you do have to start somewhere.


The benefits of regular exercise include:

Reducing the risk of dying Reducing the risk of dying prematurely

Helping to avoid cancer Helping to avoid cancer, stroke, and arthritis

Decreasing our Body Mass Index Decreasing our Body Mass Index

Reducing cholesterol Reducing cholesterol

Improving your immune system Improving your immune system

Increases energy Increases energy and endurance levels

  These aren’t just the only benefits to exercise. There are so many more.



Exercise makes you feel better

Exercise simply makes you feel better all around. You will notice an increased mental ability so that you find yourself more alert and able to remember things that people told you easier. You will also find yourself not as tired as you once were. Your psychological well being will be greatly improved and you will be happier than you have been in a very long time.


increase your confidence

Besides the serious risks that you are avoiding such as joint disease, or other disorders of the bones and muscles you are going to feel more rested and more rejuvenated. Your self esteem will be improved and you will notice a significant increase in your confidence level. This is because you like yourself more when you exercise and stay fit. Exercise changes your entire mood because of the chemicals that are released called endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and pleased with your self, and that is a feeling that many people who exercise regularly can’t live without. 


feel more rested

Another great advantage of regular exercise is how rested you feel. Instead of tossing and turning while you are trying to fall asleep, you tend to sleep better, longer, and much deeper then when you do not exercise. You wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated rather than sluggish and exhausted. Instead of just sleeping a few hours each night, you will easily get the eight hours that you need, and maybe even more. As a side note, if you exercise too closely to bedtime that may actually keep you more awake because of your adrenaline and faster heart rate. 


Sure, exercising may take some effort, but as you can plainly see, it is worth it. The benefits to exercise far outweigh sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing at all. The exercise you do today will affect you for the rest of your life. 


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