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Don’t Be A Fitness Failure!

Fitness Failure

If you have ever tried to lose weight then you already know how difficult it is to keep up a diet and exercise plan in order to lose the pounds that you need.  It takes dedication and willpower to succeed, and although at first many people have this, it isn’t long before they give up.  In fact, within the first six months of starting a weight loss program, more than half give up.  It may be because they are bored with the exercise, they are too busy, or perhaps they feel that it is not worth the effort that they have to put into it.   This is called being a fitness failure.

To avoid being a fitness failure you need to start out with the right kind of attitude and be able to set goals for yourself.  Your goal may be to lose a certain number of pounds, or you may have a goal of being able to run a certain amount of miles.  Perhaps you just want look a little leaner and be more toned.  Whatever you decide that you want you need to be able to come up with a specific goal so that you know what you need to do.  Setting a realistic goal is just as important.  While your long term goal may be to lose 50 pounds, if you set short term goals of losing 10 pounds a week, that just isn’t realistic.  The average amount of weight loss should be 1 to 2 pounds a week, so you need to set short term goals that coincide with this. 

Keep track of your progress

Another way to avoid being a fitness failure is to keep track of your progress.  A journal is an excellent way to do this.  Not only will you be able to stay motivated because you can visually see your weight loss, but you will have exact numbers so you will know if you get off track.  The worst thing you can do is to weigh yourself everyday.  Experts have agreed that weighing yourself once a week on the same day is the best way to make sure you are losing weight without becoming obsessed with it.  Depending on what you eat for the day, how much water you drank, when you weigh yourself, and what you are wearing, it will all have an effect on the scale.  By weighing yourself once a week at the same time you can minimize any discrepancies in your actual weight loss. 

You won’t be a fitness failure if you change up your exercise routine.  Doing the same type of exercise every single day can be boring and repetitive.  You should change your exercises at least weekly or bi-weekly so that you add new routines or try something new that will allow you to enjoy exercising.  Don’t stick to just the basics like going to a gym or walking either.  Try taking a salsa class or rollerblading so that you actually want to get out of bed in the morning and exercise. 

Lastly, it always helps if you have an exercise buddy in which to share this with.  Weight loss is hard, but it is even harder when you are doing it alone.  You can make at least the exercise portion of the program more enjoyable if you have someone who is willing to do it with you.  It’ll make the walking go by faster, and even the gym seems less tedious.  You will be able to inspire motivation in your friend, and you may find that they inspire motivation in you.


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