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The Truth about Power Drinks and Energy bars

We see ads for power drinks everywhere we look – from the television Energy barto magazines. Whether it is Gatorade that tells you can get energy from drinking it, to energy bars that swear you can eat one per day to give your metabolism a boost, the ads are overwhelming. So the question you should ask yourself is, should you drink these power drinks? The answer is very simple. It is mostly up to you.


Will they help?

Sure they may give you a little more hydration and energy, but you don’t need them. If you are looking towards power drinks to help you feel healthy and look great, chances are that they will not accomplish that. The only way to do that is to get healthy by eating right and exercising. Power drinks are not miracle cures and they shouldn’t really be used unless you are an athlete and need something to give you a little pick me up, or it is the only thing available to drink.


they alone will not make you thin

They certainly taste good, and if it is particularly hot outside or you have lost an extreme amount of water due to sweat, then they can be helpful. But do not drink them thinking that they will make you thin and happy, because that will not happen.  The advertisements that you see on television are mostly of sports stars or high powered athletes drinking them, but the average person simply won’t get enough out of them to make it worth it to spend the money. If you work out a lot then it might be helpful to have one once in a while, but there is nothing better then plain old water. It will do almost exactly the same thing.


eat Energy bars only if you really need

Energy bars should be eaten if you need a little something before you work out, but eating them everyday can add a lot of calories to your diet, with not enough nutrients.  For the most part, they are pure sugar, and that is something your body doesn’t need. Occasionally eating an energy bar won’t harm you, but the sugar rush you feel will eventually end leaving you feeling sluggish and tired. So the next time you run to the store thinking that grabbing a PowerAde and energy bar to give you the energy you need to start your day, you may want to reconsider.


drink water instead

If you are working out heavily for 60 minutes or so then drinking a 16oz sports drink may be helpful. Again, you always have the choice of water which is just as good, especially for people losing weight.  Power drinks tend to have a lot of calories in them as well, so you need to figure out if it is worth it to you. They also include a great deal of caffeine so if your body isn’t used to it, then you may get very jittery and excitable just as you would if you drank a large cup of coffee. For people who do not drink any kind of caffeine it can actually make you feel nauseous and uncomfortable until the caffeine wears off.


you just need follow a healthy diet

Instead of buying power drinks and energy bars it is important that you focus on following a healthy diet. Fruits are great before a work out because they contain natural sugars to give you energy and they also have water in them to keep you hydrated. You also need vegetables and other low-fat foods which will help keep your body in shape and healthy so that you do not need power drinks or energy bars that give you a false sense of healthiness.


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