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The Advantages to Weight Lifting

Weight lifting
Weight lifting, also called strength training, is considered by some to be something that you do when you are a body builder.  However, that simply is not true.  Weight lifting can be done by anyone, men and women alike. 

Many women assume they cannot life weights because it will make them look bulky and large.  However, the truth is that weight lifting should be done by everyone as a regular form of exercise. It will not make a woman look like a man, and it will not make a man look so huge that he will look like a body builder.  In fact, weight lifting or resistance exercise gives the body many benefits that can’t be found in just regular cardiovascular exercise. 

It gives your body much more flexibility and adds an overall stability and strength.  It helps to prevent osteoporosis because it keeps the bones and muscles in shape.  It also works on the musculoskeletal system keeping it strong and sturdy.  By doing resistance exercises or weight lifting in other terms, it stops the loss of body mass, helps keep your back in shape so you do not have lower back pain, and it helps you to avoid other disabilities that come with older age. 

Muscle conditioning is the main benefit of weight lifting

It keeps your body tough and well built without being burly or brawny.  If you continue to lift weights over the course of your life you will live longer simply because your body will last longer.  The bones grow stronger instead of losing density as you age, and the muscles keep everything where it is supposed to be.  Growing old can deteriorate your body, but if you regularly use weights or do strength training then your body will become durable and basically stand the test of time.  Lastly, the muscles, tendons, and connective tissues that hold them together will become stronger and resilient to falls, overextensions, and pulls that you face in your everyday life. 

Muscles wear down after time if they are not being used, so it is to your benefit to use them frequently.  Even the way you sit and stand are due to the strength of your muscles.  If you do not use work out your neck muscles, or your shoulder muscles, your posture begins to falter.  If you do not use your abdomen muscles you will start to feel lower back pain.  If you have stronger muscles you will be able to stand straighter and sit more comfortably.  You will also notice a change in your balance and stability because there is no hunching over all of the time. 

Another advantage to weight training is that you will get more sleep and therefore you will feel more rested.  You may go through a few days of painful muscles but that is simply because you are not used to it.  However after a few days you will find yourself more relaxed, feeling stronger, and you will notice that you fall asleep easier.  Even your ability to handle stress and adversity will improve because you will feel better about yourself, not to mention stronger. 

Weight lifting is an excellent form of exercise and there are a lot of advantages to it.  It is recommended that you do it three times a week for maximum results.  If you are unsure of how to start a weight lifting regimen you can talk to a trainer at a gym, or buy a weight lifting DVD.  


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